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Our Focus

Smaller Class Sizes

Compared to public school your child will not only have less in-class distraction from other students, but they will also get more one-on-one focus with the class teacher. Our teachers typically have less than 18 students in their classes.

Christ Centered Environment

From our daily classroom bible lessons to our spirit filled chapel service on Friday, curriculum is taught in a way that keeps Christ in our focus. Teachers who love and fear the Lord reveal biblical truths throughout every subject and instill in our students a desire for a walk with Christ that goes beyond the Chapel service, into the classroom, and out into our own mission fields.

Hands On Learning

At Covenant Christian we pride ourselves on hands-on learning activities in the classroom, where students are able to work in small groups and partners to construct a higher level of learning. As well as, many hands-on learning experiences outside the classroom via field trips throughout the year.

Positive Friendships

Children are influenced greatly by the peers around them and sending them off to school can sometimes feel like feeding them to the lions so to speak. Know that at Covenant Christian, your child will be among peers that strive to live a life that pleases God. It is a heart touching sight to see your child’s close school friends and classmates praying for one another at Chapel on Friday. It is something you just cannot get at Public school.

Average Class Size

Covenant Christian School offers small
class sizes between 15-20 students per class



Covenant Christian School is fully accredited
by ICAA/Cognia

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We are committed to providing a
thoroughly biblical worldview education

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